140106.1 The Pope Francis is a PimPope

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jsdrt0616 •

29 minutes ago

PimPope :

Are you mentally challenged, or are you just deceiving people?

… I ask you because you said “…atheists and Catholics marginalized by their church.”, and we the atheists, obviously, don´t have any church.

Let me clarify:

We are sure that god doesn´t exist, and you, Pope Francis, have done a lot of CIRCUS, but you hav not given the slightest proof of the existence of god, nor you have made the minimal intent to refute the atheists arguments, with rational arguments.

For more, google:

brief clear proof


• 15 minutes ago

Why have I called Francis a PimPope ?

… Because he has keep protecting the pederast priests, in spite of his theatrical speeches.

If you are still a sincere catholic, I ask you:

1- Would Jesus sexually abuse children?

2- Would Jesus protect pederast priests?



The Story of Jesus Was Fabricated



clear proof that god doesn´t exist


• 10 minutes ago

It is God so shy that He don´t want to speak to the all the Earth, clearly and loudly, to show that He exists?

All large religions are mainly a source of direct or indirect riches for its “administrators”, then all religions should pay taxes.

Try not pay any to the catholic Church and wait to see if the priests continue as priests…

The invention of religions is the greatest “business” in the History… and Prehistory, of course.

google: god only in the mind of humanity


• 6 minutes ago

Did Moses verified that who spoke to him really was the creator of the “world”?

Could he?

Could a human not be deceived by every God?

Why those that defend more religion are the most benefited by it?



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